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  • The minimum age to open an account in NologyStore is 16 years, and the site has the right to cancel any account that has not reached its 16 year old without prior notice.

  • When registering at NologyStore, you agree to the following:

    • You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and password, identifying who is allowed to access, and using your account on the site.
    • In the event of any illegal use or any hacking of the user's account, the site's management must be notified.
    • If the site management is not informed of any illegal use and / or penetration of the user account, the site is not responsible for that.
    • The Site shall in no way be liable for any loss that may be incurred directly or indirectly, materially or materially, by disclosure of information such as your username or password.
    • The user is the person responsible for the use of the site in all seriousness and credibility and is obliged to compensate for the damage to the site through the use of illegal or real or authorized user account either by the user or by someone else who had received On the login information for your account.
    • Customer acknowledges that all information it has disclosed is true, correct, up-to-date and complete and reflects and complies with what is required on the registration form at the site.
    • You will be obliged to maintain and update the registration data in a timely manner in order to keep it true, correct, complete and complete. If you disclose information that is untrue, incorrect, incomplete, incomplete, or contrary to the User Agreement, Your account is temporarily or fully.
    • The user acknowledges that he or she agrees to provide any information and / or documentation immediately upon request from the user, and the user has the right to know the reason for the claim.
    • If you do not comply with any of the above, the NologyStore Management has the right to terminate your account and to block you from the site. We also reserve the right to cancel any unconfirmed accounts or inactive accounts for a long time.

User Agreement Modifications Amendments to this User Agreement and Workplace Agreement

  • agrees and informs the user that NologyStore will notify you of any additions or modifications to the terms of use by means of a message that will be received in your email and an advertisement appearing on the site. This modification may have additional user responsibilities.
  • Customer acknowledges and agrees that NologyStore has the right to modify the Terms of Use without the User's consent and without legal arrangements on the NologyStore.
  • All charges are charged in local currency to the location of the country in which you are registered. The user must use a valid payment card and pay the value of his order and receive it if the order is shipped to the user's country and he does not cancel the order before shipping it.
  • In the event that the user does not commit to pay the amounts due, NologyStore has the right to:
  • Issue and issue a formal notice of non-payment on time.
  • In the event that the financial dues are not paid within a maximum of 7 days from the date of the warning site, NologyStore is entitled to suspend your account temporarily or permanently.

Copyright and Trademarks

All site content of designs, logos, icons and other media is the property of the NologyStore and registered officially and the Constitution is the only right to publish and circulation

The name of the NologyStore, the word "nologie", "neologue" and other names are registered and unregistered trademarks of NologyStore and protected by the rights and laws of local and international trademark ownership.

The names of company products, logos and company logos are the property of the company and not the property of the Stoel.

If you have rights to something displayed on the site and do not want to display it, you should contact the NologyStore Management and we will arrange for the rights to be satisfied.

NologyStore can take legal and technical steps against users who create legal problems or claims of any kind, such as infringing property rights or improper handling of this User Agreement.


NologyStore reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order if the conditions are not met. We may ask the buyer to provide additional information if it is not provided when it is registered, such as the phone number or home address. NologyStore is entitled to cancel the application if the buyer does not respond to the site's management or the shipping company's contacts.

If "Payment at Delivery" is Chosen as a payment option for users from the Gulf countries, the shipment is sent to them and their country arrives, and after the user cancels the order, the site will allow the user to do this 3 times and then the payment will be removed upon delivery from the user.

Comment and evaluation

You agree not to post comments containing racist attacks, curtailment of cultural value, and any sarcastic comments, or to post information or comments to promote off-site sales. If you continue to post such comments, NologyStore will begin to terminate your membership.

Cancel access and / or membership

Without prejudice to other rights and legitimate means of recovering the rights of the Site, NologyStore may suspend or terminate your membership and / or access to the Site at any time without notice and for any reason and without limitation and may terminate this User Agreement.


As permitted by law, NologyStore, its employees and managers will not be liable for any direct loss or malfunctions caused to the user by your use of the site. If you are not satisfied with the site or any of its contents, the solution is not to continue using the site. Furthermore, you agree to take responsibility for any unauthorized use of the site and its services, because of your negligence will cause damage to the site. User.


You agree to provide security to the Site and its employees and to protect it against any damage that may be caused to it by claims, losses, malfunctions, costs and expenses arising out of your breach of the User Agreement or your breach of any law or amendments or infringement of the rights of third parties.

Additional Information

If any paragraph in the User Agreement is invalid or canceled or for any reason no longer in force, this paragraph does not invalidate the remaining paragraphs of the Agreement. This Agreement (which is amended from time to time as per its terms) sets out all the outlines of the understanding and agreement between you and the NologyStore, taking into account the following:

  • No person who is not a party to this User Agreement has the right to impose any terms or conditions therein.
  • If the User Agreement is translated into any language other than English, whether on the Site or otherwise, the Arabic text remains the same.

Order Cancellation

- You can cancel your order anytime before the delivery of the order via contacting the customer care through calling or messaging to the following number: 50070019 or sending an email to: [email protected]

- If you want to cancel the order after receiving it, the products must be in fine condition.

- You can return or cancel the order if the product ordered did not meet the Specifications announced.